Turkey Taco Wraps

Admittedly, this is one of those “I have randomness in my kitchen, and I would like to use it up all at once” ideas. I had just viewed a Taco Bell commercial on TV for their crunchwrap, and inspiration struck. I don’t really know what is in a crunchwrap, nor do I care, but I do know what I had on hand to make this meal very taco and very tasty!

Since this is truly an ‘assembly’ recipe, I’m not going list ingredients, but rather the steps I used to make each one!

First, gather all ingredients to make your wraps. I used turkey burgers (beef burgers would also work), taco seasoning, refried beans (heated on the stove top in a sauce pan or warmed in the microwave), tortillas and shredded cheese. Next time, when I can plan ahead on these, I will also use diced tomatoes and sour cream, but again, as this was a last minute idea, I didn’t plan ahead. 🙂

Second, sprinkle the turkey burgers (or beef burgers) liberally with taco seasoning and grill. Probably a full teaspoon per burger. I used my trusty OptiGrill, but a George Foreman or good ol’ saute pan would work as well. Cook until completely done, and no pink remains. Set aside.

Third, spread about 1/4 of a cup of the refried beans on the tortillas (one tortilla per turkey burger) into a thin layer. Sprinkle about 1/4 cup of cheese, and then place the turkey burger on top of that. Roll into a burrito-like roll or fold into a crunchwrap like octagon, and place back onto the grill to sear the outside of the tortilla. This should take about a minute until the cheese melts and the outside of the tortilla has grill marks on the outside.

Slice in half and enjoy!