Tracking, Smacking

Ugh, tracking is the worst. Just the worst. Who wants to see everything that they ate, throughout the day, in black and white? Well, turns out, that is the only way to really know how many calories you’ve eaten throughout the day, so I was determined to find one that was easy to use.

What I discovered, and what I like to use, is Lose It!, which is an app (what I use) and a website to track all my calories. I used to think the best app by far was My Fitness Pal until I came across Lose It!. Its easy to find calorie counts for homemade food, restaurants, and ready to eat items from the grocery store. I even can scan the protein shakes from Costco, and the nutrition facts are instantly available. I can also add my own calorie counts from my own recipes, and either keep them private, or share them publicly for all to use.

It also syncs with my Apple Watch to record fitness activity, so when I workout, I have more calories to eat. Its quite shocking to see how much sweat must be generated to even get 50 more calories a day, so I have started ignoring that and sticking with my daily allotment without any extra calories.

What do you use to track your calorie intake?