Thanksgiving Recipe Worksheet

While I can appreciate people going all out for Thanksgiving, I would argue that its not really necessaryI can honestly say that when I have stuck to easy recipes vs complicated ones, no one has ever complained. Besides, as long as you serve good wine, I don’t think that anyone would notice!

How I prep post coming tomorrow!

My plan for Turkey day is the following-

TurkeyI follow this quick tip for crispy skin, stuff flavored butter under the skin to keep the meat moist, fill the cavity with celery/onion/carrots, and remove the foil the last hour of cooking to allow the skin to become golden brown.

Potatoes– Basic mashed potatoes. The only tip/trick here is to throw them into the mixer after the potatoes are sufficiently boiled with butter and milk for fluffy potatoes with no lumps.

Gravy– I usually add flour to a couple of tablespoons of the pan drippings to make a thickening paste (roux), and then pour the extra drippings and chicken broth into the saucepan, and bring to a boil to thicken the gravy. But, another easy and lump free way to thicken is to add flour or cornstarch to a small amount of water or chicken broth (1/4 cup) in a closed container, shake, and then add to the rest of your gravy liquid. Bring to a boil and cook until thickened.

Stuffing/Dressing- Since I am gluten free, its a bit tough to come up with a stuffing recipe that doesn’t become overly soggy, so this year, I am using this basic recipe from Real Simple with gluten free bread. Link to the video recipe is here.

Sweet Potatoes- My mom always used a couple of big cans of yams, drained, and then sprinkled over brown sugar and marshmallows to make a thick and sweet sauce. I am going to use that same idea, but with fresh sweet potatoes, diced, and sprinkled with brown sugar, and then roasted in the oven. Add in a few marshmallows, and then return to the oven briefly, until they are melted and brown.

Corn– I’m using this recipe- There really is no reason to modify it as its fabulous as is, and with a slow cooker, I can set it and forget it! What can be easier for Turkey Day?!?

Cranberry Sauce- I buy the canned stuff. Classic Thanksgiving.

Dessert- My husband’s fabulous grandmother is bringing pies, so for my gluten free option, I am just making carrot cake from a gluten free spice cake mix I already have. All I have to do is added shredded carrots! Since I have so much cream cheese on hand (it is the holidays, don’t judge!) Ill just whip up some easy cream cheese frosting.

What are your go to recipes for Thanksgiving?