Quick Dinner Idea- Spatchcock A Chicken

Full honesty time….I was actually quite nervous to do this. Its not that I thought I couldn’t, but rather, I just didn’t quite know how it would turn out. What if I ruined the chicken we were going to have for dinner? What if I didn’t cook it properly? But all my concerns evaporated once I actually did it, and I promise, you will love this way to cook chickens!

If you dont know anything about spatchcock, its essentially removing the backbone of the chicken in order to lay the bird completely flat. This allows the chicken to cook in about half the time as it would to roast a chicken whole.

Want a step by step video? Click here and this site will take you through it.

No time to watch a video? No problem. After you have removed the chicken from the package, rinsed, and patted dry, flip that bird over and grab a pair of kitchen scissors or a carving knife. Feel the back of the chicken and locate the backbone, and starting at the bottom/tail end, start cutting on one side all the way to the top towards the head. Repeat on the other side and remove the backbone. Once that is done, flip the chicken over, tuck the wings underneath the chicken and flatten by pressing down on the breast bone.

Now its time to season! Spread oil (olive or canola oil) all over the chicken, both sides. Then liberally season with your favorite seasoning. I used Penzey’s Fox Point Seasoning, but even salt and pepper would work!

Place on a foil lined cookie sheet, and the chicken should rest on a rack. This allows for air circulation all around and cuts down the cooking time.

Roast at 400 degrees until the breast reads 150 degrees, and the thighs read about 170 degrees. For me, this took about 45 minutes, but the seasoning was pretty dark. In the future, I will cover with foil for the first 30 minutes, remove, and allow the skin to crisp up, but this will also likely add to the cooking time.

Carve and enjoy! We made a quick white sauce using the pan drippings and served with baby roasted potatoes.