Refinished File Cabinet- Weekend Warrior Friday

My files were being kept in plastic milk crate-like containers and were shoved into the office closet. I wasn’t embarrassed of those silver plastic crates, but they just didn’t seem very adult-like. Not refined. Not really with the style of the new house, so I set out to find something better. What I found was a $10 throw away cabinet covered in stickers and deep scratches, but no handles to deal with, and I knew I could make it work!

Here is the before. It was SUPER tempting to keep the year 2000 stickers, but it was not meant to be. Ha!


We scrubbed it, and used goo-gone on the stickers. Scrubbed it again as that filing cabinet was dirty!

Once it was clean, we let it sit a few days to ensure it was nice and dry. Then the spray paint…we did three coats (again, it was pretty damaged with scratches, so it needed all those coats!) and made sure it was dry in-between coats.

After all three coats were dry, I attempted to cut contact paper to cover the front of the drawers, and sucked really bad! After seeing the frustration in my attempts to get it right, my husband stepped in, and cut two perfectly sized pieces of contact paper. Complete with perfectly cut out holes for the handles. Ladies, if you have the opportunity to marry a creative person, do it! It saves a lot of frustration on these types of projects.

The finished project, and its pretty enough to sit along our super cool desk. $10 cabinet, one can of spray paint, and contact paper…but so much personality that you cannot buy!