Recipe Organization

One of the things I have to keep in check with my cooking is how I organize recipes. I have quite a few food magazine subscriptions on top of what I find online, and what I end up with is a messy stack of recipes ripped or printed out. Makes it hard to find the recipe I need! So I had to do something about this mess of papers. I also don’t want a recipe box full of ‘experiments’ so I need something I can write on and adjust as I go.

My solution? Loose leaf paper and a binder. I attach each recipe to its own page, and then file behind the tabs. I have a bunch more tabs waiting in the wings, so if I need a new category, I can easy add.

Once the recipe is a proven ‘winner’ with any notes about my adjustments on the paper, I write them on a notecard and add to my recipe box. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of development to make it into the recipe box with gluten free cooking, so its a big commitment to add them in!


How do you keep yourself organized with recipes?