Long time, no talk.

Its been a minute. I know, I know….I was very systematic in my posts, and then slowly, the posts became less and less. And then I shared posts from before, which to be fair, but were on my meal plan that week and then last week, nothing.

If you read my post ‘Just call me “The One Kidney Wonder…”‘ you know Ive been dealing with some “stuff”. The biopsy turned out fine, but they were unfortunately not able to open the drainage from the kidney due to a good amount of scar tissue and they were able to determine that the kidney was in fact, dead. I knew that would be a possibility, but it still hit me pretty hard. The Megan Pity-Party was in full effect. Outwardly, I was very okay with it, but internally, it just seemed like a lot. It was unfair that I had to go through this, and very admittedly, my attitude took a hit. I took some time to self reflect and refocus on what I needed to do to get healthy, mentally and physically.

Thankfully, I had new project to focus on, starting Whole30, and in a way, its been my saving grace. But as anyone can attest to a new dietary plan, its a BEAST to get ready for and continue with in the beginning. Now that I am in the swing of things, its not so bad. The hubs and I are also walking more after work and just taking time to relax.

I’m also doing better at self-care, and just feeling grateful that I have an opportunity to take back my health and improve it without some crazy medical interventions. Listening to more podcasts to improve my mind and spirit. I’m also getting aboard the honesty train with myself and others in my life; I have always felt that I kinda do what others want me to do, or feel how I think they want to me feel. I’ve always been a people please-r, but people pleasing does not really work with taking care of yourself. Talking about that is another post in of its self….

So where does that leave the website and the blog? I’m recommitted, but its probably going to be a little more healthy, a little more sass, and a little more randomness. I’m not even sure were it will go, so it will be a surprise for all of us!