Internet Recipe Reviews- ‘Slow Cooker Crack Chicken’

If you are anything like me, it seems as if you are inundated with recipes on Facebook, and they all look too good to not try. But do they work as promised? I have had more than one turn into a complete disaster that was a waste of ingredients and money. So I have decided to take one for the team (ha!) and try out the randomness I see online and report back.

This week, I decided to give ‘Slow Cooker Crack Chicken’ a try. The name is what, of course, grabbed my attention but it seemed too easy…chicken breasts, ranch, and cream cheese. Really? Could something so easy possibly taste good? Lets find out!

Unfortunately, I am unable to embed the video I am talking about so you can view it, but you can link to the recipe here.

My thoughts-

  1. The recipe calls for 2 pounds of chicken, 2 packages of cream cheese, and 2 envelopes of ranch dressing powder…that is WAY too much food for 2 people, so I only did half the recipe. The chicken was a little dark and a little dry (but not so dry we couldn’t eat it) so I would recommend only cooking half the recipe a max of 2 hours. Probably not a “all day in the slow cooker” sort of recipe for that amount of food.
  2. Purely on habit, I bought low fat cream cheese, which became a little clumpy after being in the crock pot all day. Next time I will use full fat and see if it gives it that creamy consistency I was looking for.*
  3. As much as I love bacon, and we eat it whenever we can, I didn’t bother adding it to this. With the cream cheese and ranch, it just seemed like overkill. Have to say, we didn’t miss it. Plenty of flavor without it.

My husband LOVED this dish, and I thought it was good, but needs some work. I’m curious to try it again with less cook time and full fat cream cheese. This definitely will be apart of our football food rotation!

*Edit- definitely use full fat cream cheese. It definitely was creamier the second time I made it, versus the lower fat cream cheese.