Internet Recipe Reviews- Hot Ham and Cheese Party Rolls

If you are anything like me, it seems as if you are inundated with recipes on Facebook, and they all look too good to not try. But do they work as promised? I have had more than one turn into a complete disaster that was a waste of ingredients and money. So I have decided to take one for the team (ha!) and try out the randomness I see online and report back.

This week, I decided to give ‘Hot Ham and Cheese Party Rolls’ a shot. Mostly because I miss those super tasty hot ham and cheese sandwiches since going gluten free, and this looked like a way I could have them! Gluten free sandwich rolls are not easy to come by, but gluten free pizza dough is something easy for me to make.

If you haven’t seen the recipe I am referring to, you can review the recipe here.

A few of my notes on this recipe-

  1. This one is legit. Really GOOD! I made the dough with gluten free pizza dough mix that I made in advance vs using the store bought tube dough. If you have pizza dough mix laying around, or really like your own homemade dough, give it a shot!
  2. Based on past experiences, I decided to cram all the slices into a 8 x 8 pan because I thought if they didn’t touch and hold each other together, they would fall apart. Bad move, as some of the middle pieces weren’t fully cooked in the middle. Next time I will give them room to expand in the 9 x 13 suggested.
  3. The instructions don’t call for letting the dough rise before baking, but, I think next time I will let them rise a little bit before covering with the sauce and baking them off.

As I mentioned, these were really good. Definitely will become part of our regular food planning rotation!