Holiday Photo Frames- Weekend Warrior Friday

I saw this nifty idea when I was scrolling through Facebook; I’m sure we have all done the exact same thing! Usually my ‘projects’ that I find while scrolling don’t turn out so well, but this one looked easy enough. Its basically using frames to spell out M-E-R-R-Y, but of course, I had to put my own spin on it. 

This is what I saw originally-


I really liked the idea, but my Christmas decorations are all silver and blue, so I thought randomly colored photo frames might look weird. I decided I would paint them all the same silver color.

I started out at Goodwill thinking I could find 5 or so cheap and somewhat plain frames. Boy, was I wrong! I found exactly one that fit the bill, and decided to pick up the rest at the Dollar Store.

Once I had all the frames at home, I removed the ‘guts’ of the photo frames and laid them all out on a yard waste bag to paint in the garage.


Two coats for the front, and one for the back. I didnt think painting the back was super necessary, but, you never know what angle someone will see. 🙂

Once they were dry, I reassembled the frames as I wanted to make sure the glass was matched back up correctly.


Next (I will admit its handy to have a husband that is a graphic designer to handle this part) we printed out all the individual letters to fit in each frame. We went with M-E-R-R-Y but you could also use the word P-E-A-C-E or S-A-N-T-A or any word that will fit on your mantle in photo frames. All of our letters where found on a stock photography site, however, you can just as easily Google search each individual letter and find some great designs! Once they were printed out, we cut down each letter and inserted into the frames. We also thought it would look cool to turn two of the five frames on their side to make it a little more visually interesting like the HGTV photo.


Presto! For a cheap project, it really looks great and very modern. The frames cost $5.00 total and the paint was $6.00. Since we printed off the letters on our home printer, that is not factored in. $11.00 project that is unique to us and has a heck of a lot of style!