Healthier Choices- Part 2

Well, here we are, fresh into a new year. Just about everyone I know, including myself, its focusing on healthier choices. But it just seems so unbelievably daunting, doesn’t it? If you are anything like me, you want to clean out the kitchen of all the crap and start over at the grocery store, but that is wasteful and expensive.

This week, I’m focusing on three easy things you can do to save calories now, with the food you already have. Will these three steps solve all your healthy eating problems? No. But one step in the right direction is still worth more than a step backwards!

Today’s tip, swap out some dairy for low sodium chicken broth.You will still get the creamy-ness of the dish, but with much less calories. My skillet chicken alfredo and creamed turkey dishes could easily have half the dairy swapped out for low sodium chicken broth. You wont miss it!