Easy Terrarium- Weekend Warrior Friday

This just might be my easiest weekend warrior project EVER. I have looked at and researched terrariums around town, and they always looked cool, but not really my style. And boy, were they pricey! I wanted a sleek and modern looking terrarium, and the ones I saw looked…ummm….like something an old lady would have in her house. Nothing against old ladies!

First things first, gather supplies. You need a glass dish (mine is about 8.5″ in the opening, and about 9.5″ to the outer edge) for the base of the terrarium. I wanted a dish that would easily fit on my side board and not hang over the edge where it might get knocked off. Don’t want a round bowl? No big deal! Pick a glass vessel that fits you and the spot where it will live. I purchased my glass dish at Hobby Lobby for $5.00

Next, you will need dirt, plants, and rocks. That’s it! I picked a cactus (back plant with red top) for $1.00, a string of pearls plant (middle) which was pricey at $10.00 but worth it, and jade (plant on the right) which was $3.50. The big bag of dirt was $4.25, but, I only used a tiny bit and can be used again for other projects. The rocks were $2.99.

The entire project is less than $30.00, which was much less than terrariums I priced at the floral shop. If you pick less expensive plants and have dirt already, this whole project can be done for less than $15.00.


Before you start, make sure you wash the terrarium dish. I washed my dish and made sure all the sticky labels, and residue, were completely off. I didn’t want to have dirt or dust stick to the bottom when it would be impossible to clean off after the plants are in it.

Next, pour in dirt to cover the bottom, pack it down, and then add another layer of dirt. Then its time to start planting!

The placement of the plants really doesn’t matter, but there are a few things to consider. Are the plants going to grow? I left the middle portion largely open for that possibility. Are some plants taller than others? Then you might want to place those in the ‘back’ of the dish and plant shorter ones in the front.


Once the plants are positioned how you want them, water thoroughly. You don’t want to flood the plants, but make sure they are watered well to weather the transplant. After watering, place the rocks in a single layer over the dirt, overlapping slightly.

And you’re finished! I had a small air plant that was in another container, but it was crowded out, so it looks beautiful in its new surroundings. It was the perfect addition to the other plants.

How easy was that? And it was cheap! Can’t beat this quick project on the weekend.