Dollar Store Calendar Hack- Weekend Warrior Friday

We’ve all been there…you see something you like, and you debate for weeks on whether or not you should buy it, and then once you decide you are going to purchase, you find a fatal flaw. Happened to me on a clipboard calendar I wanted from Hallmark last week!

Its so freaking cool (see below) but once I saw it in the store, I realized, ITS GIANT. Way, way too big for my office, or my fridge at home. The calendar itself was 12 x 18 inches, and the clipboard is 15 x 20 inches. Who has that much room for a calendar? Also, it was $29.99. A little overpriced for something I am going to throw away (eventually), so when I saw how big it was, it was easy to walk away.


Before we went into Hallmark, we had walked past the Dollar Tree and noticed they had a ton of Halloween decorations, so we decided to look around before we went home. We did buy a few Halloween things, but around the corner, we noticed some cute calendars. My husband said “we could recreate the Hallmark calendar”, and clipboards were just down that same aisle….so it seemed as it was meant to be! Both pieces were purchased for $1 each.

This is how we started….cheap calendar and clipboard.


Removed the spiral binding and trim the ends.


And presto! Hanging ready! Just need to glue on magnets over the weekend, and we are ready for January 1st!