Deal of the Day- Adjustable Rolling Pin

Am I the only person who struggles to figure out how thick dough should be rolled? And then by the time I figure it out, its too thin and I have to start over. With this rolling pin, I can kiss those days goodbye!  

Deal of the Day- Cake Decorating Kit

Like I mentioned in another post….slightly obsessed right now with cake decorating, and I have yet to find a kit with this many pieces for this price. Do I know what all of them are used for? No! But it will be fun to have the option to figure it out! No idea how long

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Deal of the Day- Icing Practice Board

I have recently become interested in cake decorating…mostly due to the lack of gluten free options at bakeries for fun cakes! My first attempt was okay, but I am determined to figure this out and make stunning cakes and cookies in the future! I was investigating classes that I could take in cake decorating, but

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Deal of the Day- 9/15

So I have to admit, the initial reaction to seeing this onion slicer was “wow, that’s an interesting way to use a hair pick!” But as I looked closer, this made sense, especially for my onion strings recipe. How easy does this look to cut veggies into circles, and not slice your fingers off? Its

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Corkcicle- I’m slightly obsessed…

As the weather gets cooler, I which up my iced coffee for hot coffee, and I am CONSTANTLY looking for mugs that keep coffee hot. I came across the Corkcicle Tumbler, that claims to keep beverages hot for 3 hours or cold for 9. I am here to tell you that at least on the

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Deal of the Day- 8/25

I feel like I have completely missed the boat…did anyone else know that Amazon had coupons? Has anyone used them with much success? Amazon coupons link here.

Deal of the Day- 8/16

I mentioned this bread in my Viking Sandwich post, but its sooooooooooooooooooo good! Gluten free bread is kind of a hard thing to figure out. Store bought bread can be expensive, and the brand I buy gets moldy quick, so its a race against time. When I make my own in the bread machine, not

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Deal of the Day- 8/10

I have long been intrigued with salt blocks, and I have heard you can get an amazing sear on meat when you cook on top of it. Even with that knowledge, I still have not pulled the trigger and bought one.  Does anyone have experience with these? Work well?

Deal of the Day- 8/3

I have had these dish cloths in my cart for a few days now; I love the idea of the microfiber material, but not sure if the scrubby side will hold up to the paces I put my dish cloths through, so I have not pulled the trigger yet. Does anyone have these and if

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