About “It’s Just Assembly”

When I was growing up, food seemed to be much more simple than it is now. Not simple in terms of flavor, but simple in terms of uncomplicated, homemade food.

My mother and my grandmother seemed to have a “sixth sense” when it came to cooking. Of course, they had an arsenal of family favorites that stood the test of time in which they could prepare in their sleep, but they also had a sense of adventure in the kitchen. A dash of something you like, subtract something you don’t like, and POOF! a new version of an existing recipe. There was no fear that it might not turn out well, and there was certainly no 24 network of food shows available telling them that complicated recipes are the way to your family’s heart and stomach.

What happened to that gut instinct? What happened to the idea of trying something new in the kitchen, and if if doesn’t work out, no one knows but you? Pizza delivery is a phone call away if your latest creation is a complete disaster.

Uncomplicated recipes. Tasty homemade food. It’s Just Assembly.

Growing up in a small town in Nebraska, my family was always busy. Dance classes, sports my brother and I both participated in, volunteer work, school work, and two parents that worked full time. Not much different from today’s families trying to make it all work. Yes, we did eat fast food every once in awhile, but for the most part, we prepared food at home even with our crazy busy lives.

I cooked similar to how I grew up, like many people do, until 2012 when I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy. My relief to knowing what had made me so sick for years turned to panic when I realized I had to re-learn how to cook everything I had previously known. With a lot of patience, and a unbelievable amount of inedible food I sampled along the way, I have a pretty good handle on simple, and tasty recipes that are gluten free. Disasters still happen, but when you are craving an onion ring with a food allergy, you are determined to figure it out. Even if it takes several burned attempts.

Now in 2016, I have my own arsenal of recipes I want to share with you. Not gluten free? No problem, recipes can all be made with standard ingredients.

Happy cooking!